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Hi everyone!
I have 2 Last Friends t-shirts that were distributed by Fuji TV for sale. Both are brand new with tags - I am only selling them because they are too big for me.

Please come take a look here:

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DV Awareness

The one year anniversary of the original airing of Last Friends is coming up soon! Does anyone else plan to watch the series weekly to commemorate starting April 10? I hope i'm not the only one :)

The theme of DV is very prevelent in the media lately. Obviously with the Chris Brown and Rihanna case, but also multiple shows on the subject on Oprah and The Tyra Banks Show. This last week I heard of a British PSA where Keira Knightley plays a victim of domestic abuse. Last Friends really was one step ahead in acknowledging this serious problem. It just proves how good of a drama it is the way it is able to make such a strong statement.

Does anyone else have similar views?

First and Last Impressions{Spoilers}

I finished Last Friends quite awhile ago, I joined this community just yesterday.

Just a bit of background info, my family in general loves soap operas and dramas, but I never really took a liking to them. I suppose it was just too much exaggeration for a person like me to bear. When I say a person like me, I mean I really like books and shows that make you think a lot ... Psychologically or just plot twists. (That must make you think, Dramas have plot twists too... well, ones that aren't as predictable and woven well into the fabric of the story.) In general, I always regarded dramas as things that were a little too shallow for me to like.

I heard about Last Friends through the fact that Utada Hikaru was singing the theme song. I'm a really big fan of Utada, and I loved Prisoner of Love.

Cringing slightly, but still hoping that the drama would be "worthy" of the song, I watched the intro.

The symbolism astounded me, especially how the myth about the "red string on your finger" was subtly slipped in. (Other instances of symbolism was probably how everyone but Sousuke walked towards the screen.) I have to say though, that when Ryo was shown in the intro... I couldn't help but feel the need to watch it. (If you've read my profile, I've said I have a thing for guys that look good in suits... this is interchangeable with ties.)

That's the story of how Last Friends broke my high wall about dramas.
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Last Friends sweeps the 57th Television Drama Academy Awards

Results pertaining to this community because I'm lazy:
Best Supporting Actress: Ueno Juri (Asami came in 5th)
Best Supporting Actor: Nishikido Ryo (Eita came in 2nd place)
Best Theme Song: Prisoner of Love - Utada Hikaru
Best Directors: Kato Hiromasa, Nishisaka Mizuki, Endo Mitsutaka
Best Screenwriter: Asano Taeko
Best Drama: Last Friends

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Major congrats to the cast and staff behind Last Friends!