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Hi there!!

I miss Last Friends so much, especially Takeruka pairing. LOl.. So I decided to draw them just for fun. But,.. sorry for lameness, I'm too idle to coloring! It's just plain black and white. XDD

I love their friendship. Ah, and I forgot to put Ogurin up! >.< Gomen ne, Ogurin!! And besides that, there's no space left.. XD. (Probably that's the main reason) XDD Ah....! I forget to color ERi's eyes! >___< Wuahh! Gomen!!

This scene!! I love it very much! When Takeru stared to Ruka gently, and then revealed his feeling. <333 Takeru's so nice! And.. ah, I'm sorry for the background.. A little bit messy.. >.<

And this, I just love the way Ruka embracing Michiru! XDD
So protective, just like Eri's said, "Ruka's like a man who protect his kawaii girlfriend.."

Ah... I'm sorry if too much talk.. I miss this drama so much!! <33 ^^;;;
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